My passion for woodworking

I got into woodworking shortly after we had our house built. Yep. Companies promise they will get everything done for you, so they basically hand you the keys with the confidence that you will finish the work or else that you will hire them again to do so.


So, from my first cheap tablesaw, I moved on to purchase a few handtools and a quality miter saw. All this time keeping in mind my dream as an avid fisherman: Learning how to turn and machine my own musky and pike lures. No one ever warned me that buying a lathe meant the end of two things: My budget, and any space I had in the garage. All the other large tools soon joined my lathe as they had to support it in one way or another.

And thus, here I am, fascinated with woodworking now. From making an annual batch of Christmas ornaments to bandsaw boxes and trucks for my son, I always like to tackle new challenges and techniques, very slowly but consistently improving and learning new things. Polishing a project that I slowly completed one step at a time, applying a finish to see its natural beauty revealed, that’s my very humble way of leaving a trace of the tree and my love for Mother Nature’s marvels to my loved ones. You are therefore cordially invited to follow me as I move from one project to another on my blog. I do not pretend that I possess the one and only truth, but I will show my techniques to you in enough detail for you to adapt them to your own needs.

Patrick Savard




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