Want a niche to start a business? Here is an idea!

If you own a chainsaw, a trailer and a place to store logs, you have what it takes to start a business in your very own niche. Just specialize in flame boxelder. 

Boxelder is very easy to work with, and it often hides patterns of colors that range from white to orange to deep red, and sometimes black lines from spalting. It sand and shapes very easily and takes a very nice finish. 

So, you might think, any wood shop stores loads of it? Absolutely not! Is it because it is difficult to find? No. In fact, in a number of places, it is forbidden to plant boxelders as they are considered an invasive species. Those trees grow very fast and compete with other trees for light. And this rapid growth means that the branches are sometimes relatively frail and fall due to bad weather. 

Then, is it at least harvested for heating purposes? Again, the answer is no. It burns faster than hardwood species, and it sometimes has an unpleasant bog smell. 

Thus, here is a very very common type of tree that grows in many locations but that no one wants. Except woodworkers who specialize in small projects. Turners, jewelry makers, etc. 

So, for your future business, all you will have to do is find people who have them in their backyard and who want to eliminate them, and chances are you will get them for free. Kiln dry them, store them and sell each piece with an individual picture online (this is essential due to the major variations in color from one section to another).

You will soon realize how popular this wood species can be among certain woodworking fans.

Oh, and I was about to forget, I am not charging anything for having shared the idea. But make sure you contact me when you have a few nice pieces available!


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