Dice Box, Making A Game Out of Wood Scraps

This is a traditional game I saw at an historical show a year ago. It was presented as dating back to the middle ages and was presumably played widely. However, finding its name was impossible, and the only one I have found so far is “dice box”.

To make this, I was able to put together a bunch of scraps I had left in the workshop, so the investment was limited to an iron bar for the number tongues to pivot on. 

Playing this game is simple. You roll the dice and pull up the number tongues to match the dice. Hence, if you have 9 on the dice, you can eliminate 6 and 3, or 2 and 7, or 1, 3 and 5 etc.

You keep playing until you cannot match the dice. Then, you count the numbers on the tongues have not been eliminated. The person with the lowest score wins, the ultimate perfect score being zero.

My kids love this game, but it has also been a huge success at parties, for you can have as many participants as you like if you keep track of individual scores on a piece of paper.


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