My next projects

As those of you who have read my older posts know, I have been spending much time on my chessboard and set lately, and now that the first one is completed, I must move on to the second one. Chessboard #2 is fairly advanced. I need to complete the drawers and the inside of the chest prior to gluing the top frame onto the bottom section. Then, another full set of chessmen will come.

I now have this crazy project in mind, and wonder whether I should give it a try, if only for a very temporary break from the chess theme. I wish to make an ocarina out of wood. I love the sound the instrument makes, and I believe I already have all the tools it takes to make one. I have done some research and found two main designs out there. In any event, I will keep you posted as to how this new venture turns out!

Of course, if you have any experience making those wonders of the world of music, please feel free to share!




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