A Promise Made to a Beloved Friend: Wooden Under-Plates

My girlfriend`s uncle, a man I always appreciated very much for his joy and his sound advice, was terminally ill with cancer last fall. One day, I decided to do something for him: I washed and waxed his car, his last pride in this world. Seeing as he could not drive it anymore, it looked somewhat useless, but the sparkle in his eye when the job was done was well worth the effort.

He then asked me a favor. His in-laws had been very present and had helped him almost on a daily basis with his medical appointments, errands etc. He wanted to offer them something, and had found an idea when they had come to his place for dinner and seen his old wooden under-plates. Of course, these were so dated that they could not be found on the market anymore. He asked me whether I could make a few sets for him, and I immediately agreed.

The whole series of twelve (3 sets of 4) was ready about a month later. I sent him the picture, and he was very enthusiastic about their looks. And he passed away two days later.

Now we all have a right to believe in whatever we believe in. He did something for me when he passed away, for I made 42 of those last fall before the orders came to an end. And I still do not have one for myself. ūüôā

Here is a picture of some of the ones I made last fall. Cherry, black walnut and butternut. Dia. 7 to 9 inches.




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