Ocarina Project

Well, some projects work, and some don’t. I started carving a fairly large ocarina in a 100-y.o piece of birch I have at home, and I decided that the 10 or so videos that I watched prior to starting were not enough. I wanted to understand the mechanics of it to avoid ruining the wood.

I thus turned to clay to make a few practice pieces. Good thing I did. I keep watching videos where people nail it the first time around. One guy even recommends that project for school. I literally made 8 prototypes, and got one half of a half decent pseudo-sound. And then it disappeared again. I guess it is as elusive as fishing for muskellunge. ūüôā

I understand now that part of the challenge is in aligning the mouthpiece hole perfectly with the air hole on top of the instrument. And I also realize that I am not a clay person, except when it comes to making molds for fishing lures. I will start again tomorrow, but with wood this time. Wood is easier to align than flexible clay, isn’t it? Expect an update soon. For better or worse.


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