Finished Ocarina and Final Thoughts 

Here is the finished product after sanding and oiling, at least for the time being.  I am still considering whether I should burn some design on the outside, and you will perhaps notice the notes next to the finger holes. Those will not stay, but I wanted them on for practicing purposes. However, I also wanted to protect the wood from spills etc, and this coat of oil will do just that. 

I have learnt alot from making this project, and the end result is very rewarding. I already have it in mind to make two more for my children, smaller ones, of different shapes. When I do this, I will pay closer attention to the exact location of each note on the instrument, as here there are some notes that are somewhat randomly situated. Live and learn. But for a first, I am fully satisfied as I had never made an instrument. And its tuning is good too. 

On the next ones, I also intend to make the top and bottom pieces thinner to make the instrument lighter, although sapele is far from heavy, and the large ocarina I already have on hand is not heavy or uncomfortable to use.


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