Chessboard Project, Part 3

It is now time to proceed with the making of the top and bottom frames of the chest. The top frame will sport a groove (or rabbet) that will make it possible to insert the chessboard so that it is slightly elevated above the frame, by about 1/4 in. At the same time, the rabbet will provide support below the chessboard.

As regards the bottom frame, I cut a 1/4 in dado in the middle of it to insert a board, such as masonite.

The steps are as follows:

  • Joint and plane a 2 in. * 20 in. board.
  • Resaw the board into four 13/16 in boards.
  • Plane and/or sand all rough surfaces.
  • Using a dado blade, cut a rabbet on the top frame parts. I cut a width of about 1/2 in. and adjust the depth of the cut to keep 3/8 in. of material at the base to support the chessboard.




    • I then cut a 1/4 in. dado (1/2 in depth) in the middle of the bottom frame parts.


    • I measure and cut the piece of 1/4 in. masonite that will fit into the bottom frame.
    • Once I have tested the height at which the chessboard will protrude from the top frame, I round all outside edges of all parts for the top and bottom frame using the router.


    • It is then time to proceed with the 45 degree cuts and adjustments on all frame parts.
    • And now the gluing may begin.



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