Making a Wooden Chessboard, Part 7

The base of the chest is now complete. You must now take the opportunity to adjust the drawers while the top frame of the chest is not yet in place. I make very light cuts on the drawers using the table saw as the need arises, and thus take them down to proper dimensions.

Then, I insert the drawers into the base of the chest and add stop blocks where needed so the drawers sit in the same position as the sides VS the corners (remember that the latter were meant to stand out a bit).

While the stop blocks are drying, I resume the sanding of the chessboard section and the top frame using a belt sander and an orbital sander as well as by hand. Here is the result after an additional 45 minutes of power and hand sanding.





I may then sand all drawer surfaces and break all sharp edges on them using sandpaper.

Next comes the climactic moment: Gluing the top frame onto the base of the chest. To achieve this, I turn the top frame upside down and mark the ends and the sides. I then measure and mark where I want the chest’s sides to be once they are glued. I glue everything together and clamp the whole chest.

Now is the time to celebrate, especially before all the hand sanding begins!

Patrick Savard



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