Make toys out of wood: My Next Puppets after Tin Man 

In a recent post, I presented my first puppet, Tin Man from one of my very favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz. I described my daughter`s reaction to it when she first saw it, still unpainted, and the amazement in her eyes as she realized she could move its limbs. Tin man was my prototype, and I intended to give it to my son. But as per my yearly tradition of making about 80% of my Christmas presents for the family, I intended to make more puppets for my daughter and nieces.

Here are the dolls I made for them. The jointing techniques I used were the same, except the proportions were different. And for the dresses, I got help from my mother-in-law.

All three girls loved their presents, much more so than anything I could have purchased in a store.

Patrick Savard


4 mars 2016 345


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