Chessboard Project: The Finishing Process Has Begun!

My second chessboard is about complete, that is to say the drawer knobs and dividers are still left to do, but those last steps will be done only once the chessmen are completed. 

Thus, I started the finishing process today. Although I found the seven coats of tung oil somewhat tedious on my first chessboard, I must say I love the feel that finish has. Sanding between each new coat also improved the appearance greatly, and thus I decided that I would go in the same direction for my second board. 

I will let the oil dry for a minimum of 24 hours between coats, and what you see here is the chest after the very first coat. It is worth noting that my first board was made out of maple and black walnut, and the second one is walnut, maple and 100 y.o. birch.

Patrick Savard


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