Landscaping / patio project: A ramp for our new puppy!

I have not posted any of my indoors projects recently, and for good reason. Despite the steady rain we have had here over the past three weeks or so, I have been obsessed with one idea: To get my house and piece of land ready for the arrival of our new puppy, which is due at the end of May. Of course, I need to do some fence work in a few small areas, especially in the pit stop spot. But I also wish the latter spot to be away from the kids’ play zone, between the swimming pool and the neighbor’s fence, in a corner I visit just to mow the lawn. 

I have no stairs on the patio that lead in that direction, and surely do not think it reasonable to walk the puppy all around the pool to get there for potty training purposes, especially on rainy days. I have thus thought of making a ramp, about 1 ft wide, and of adapting the patio’s railings to make a small door with spring hinges. The puppy will thus have a small fenced area specifically for potty purposes, and the rest of the piece of land will be for it to play with the kids. 

In designing the ramp, I thought of wet weather and of making sure the puppy’s paws would not slip, and recycled tires in the form of rubber mats seemed to be the solution. I intend to use this ramp in three seasons and to opt for a pad in the garage for the winter. Pictures will follow shortly.

At this stage, the ramp needs the rubber mats as well as a banister. The door is currently drying prior to installation. It will be on adjustable spring hinges for the dog to be able to open it when it comes back from the potty area.


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