Woodworking/gardening project: Raised garden bed

I am not a gardener, but an avid woodworker. I am also an avid cook, and having a summer supply of fresh herbs (especially mint for the mojitos by the barbecue!) is something I always appreciate. With recent changes in the design of my patio, I thought it time to make the raised garden bed I have had in mind for so long. 

I have studied how many others had made theirs online, and given that overkill is my name when it comes to the sturdiness of the projects I make, I worked with half-lap joints to add structural strength to the finished product. 

First and foremost, I dadoed pieces of treated 4×4 to sport one 2×4 at the bottom and two 2×8’s at the top. 

Then, I cut all 2×8’s and 2×4’s to length. 

In order to support the weight of the planting material properly, I thought it best to dado the bottom of the two lowest 2×8’s in the design to fit perpendicular 2×4’s.

Then the assembly began.

Expect more updates as the project unfolds!
Patrick Savard


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