Bandsaw Box

They call those bandsaw boxes, but anyone who has built them knows they should be called sandpaper boxes. Or bleeding knuckles boxes.

I tend to collect wood, I must confess. I let it sit there on a shelf until I have an idea of a specific project for a specific piece. About two years ago, I came across a short section of birdseye maple at the lumber yard, and decided to prepare a glue block to make a box with it. Then I could not find the inspiration to pick a design for it, so it sat there for months on end. Then, inspiration came.

A person I knew went through very hard times recently. Yet, I admired her strength and resilience. I could not but think that trees are often just like that. Insects bore holes through them. Storms break branches. Yet they hang on and stand the test of time. They even grow more beautiful for it.

That was it. I found the design I wanted–one of Lois Keener Ventura’s designs–and adapted it to the piece of wood. When I was done with it, I gave it to the person who inspired it. I told her I believed life still had many smiles and gems in store for her.

The pictures show the box without the oil finish and wax. Birdseye maple, pine and thuya burl handles.

Patrick Savard


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