Wooden Chess Board and Set, Dividers

Having invested so much time and effort making the chess board and set, I clearly did not want to leave all the pieces loose in a drawer as they could get premature and unwanted wear. I needed simple dividers to separate the pieces and prevent movement. The wood I chose for this part of the project was just leftover cedar, but any leftover piece of wood not too brittle would have been perfect, including simple 2×4 pine.

I first jointed and planed the rough lumber to the desired thickness. Then, I used the bandsaw to slice it up, and jointed and planed each piece once more.

Next, I cut the vertical and horizontal dividers to length, and taped all dividers of the same length together.

Then came the time to set up the dado blade so that each cut would lead to a tight fit. Given that all divider parts had the same thickness, this was fairly simple and required only a few test cuts.

I then moved on to measure the precise location of each slot depending on the pieces I intended to put in each compartment.

I used a crosscut sled on my bandsaw for safety’s sake, and proceeded in two passes so as not to cut too much material with each pass. I also used clamps for the short pieces as I intend to keep my fingers for many projects to come.

I sanded all divider parts and assembled them. The fit was perfect, but I could have given myself a bit of loose at either end by sanding the dividers a bit more had I had a need for it.

Patrick Savard


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