Update on the Lathe Repair

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I expressed my disappointment with General International, the power tool company. My problem with my lathe is finally solved, and has turned out well, thanks to a very efficient and knowledgeable technician.

After spending about two months waiting for a main board I ordered from China, I found out that the part they had shipped was not compatible with my lathe. What’s worse is that the compatible part is no longer available. What was proposed to me was to have completely different parts installed that would keep my lathe up and running, but without the speed indicator. And this with much surgery in the lathe, and the associated fee.

After another 3 weeks of waiting, I received the call to inform me that my lathe was repaired. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear that they had not had to modify the lathe, but had discovered that the problem was simply the switch. They changed it, and voilà! I have a lathe that works flawlessly, just like it did when I bought it.

But subconsciously (well, almost so), I started thinking about selling this lathe to buy what I would like to be my last lathe. And when I posted my repaired lathe online, I had people to purchase it. Funny. After waiting for months to have it work, I am now out of a lathe again…

The model I have in mind is the Nova Galaxi DVR 1644. It is huge compared to my General Midi lathe, but it should have the versatility to last me for another 30 years or so. Does anyone of you own one of those monsters? How do you like it? Any advice is more than welcome before I spend the money, and give Nova my confidence for my favorite tool in the workshop!

Patrick Savard


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