Nova Galaxi DVR Upgrade

So I went and did it. I sold my General International midi lathe, but of course after close to three months without turning, I could not just sit there and do flat work. My sanity would have been jeopardized. I turned around to what I hope will be my last lathe. The Nova Galaxi DVR.... Continue Reading →

Update on the Lathe Repair

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I expressed my disappointment with General International, the power tool company. My problem with my lathe is finally solved, and has turned out well, thanks to a very efficient and knowledgeable technician. After spending about two months waiting for a main board I ordered from China,... Continue Reading →

On a different note…

I know that this post is not related to woodworking, but I just thought it a good idea to share something that animates me. We will all be affected by cancer in one way or another during our life, and contributing something to that cause has been one of my objectives for quite some time.... Continue Reading →

Bandsaw Box

They call those bandsaw boxes, but anyone who has built them knows they should be called sandpaper boxes. Or bleeding knuckles boxes. I tend to collect wood, I must confess. I let it sit there on a shelf until I have an idea of a specific project for a specific piece. About two years ago,... Continue Reading →

Hit the jackpot last summer!

Free wood is any woodworker's candy. But finding one of nature's gem AND realizing it is free is incomparable. Last summer, the city started doing some major repair work to a park behind my home. The employees felled a number of trees that had grown dangerous, and as I walked by one of them on... Continue Reading →

Buying Quality Tools

When I moved into my house some 12 years ago, I was just a pen pusher. But my passion for musky and pike fishing had always had me dream of making my own fishing lures. Then, I bought a lathe. No one had warned me that a lathe should be the last tool one buys,... Continue Reading →

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