A local discovery in wood species: Russian olivewood

I got a call from a friend whose tree lost a few large branches last week. It is Russian olivewood. He brought me a couple of pieces two days ago, and the rest will follow shortly.  The sapwood is very light yellow, almost white, and the heartwood is a deep chocolate brown. The grain is... Continue Reading →


Make Toys out of Wood: Articulated Giraffe

Here is a simple woodturning project I made for my 4 y.o. niece. It is about 7 inches tall, and painted with nontoxic paint. This is another example of a very basic toy that kids appreciate more than more modern objects with bells and whistles. All comments welcome!   Patrick Savard  

Woodturning: Angel Ornaments

When my girlfriend was pregnant with my son about nine years ago, the clinic announced to us on December 23rd at 16:00 that our baby had trisomy 14, a very rare condition that would either mean that he would die the instant he was born or else that his life expectancy would be a maximum... Continue Reading →

My next projects

As those of you who have read my older posts know, I have been spending much time on my chessboard and set lately, and now that the first one is completed, I must move on to the second one. Chessboard #2 is fairly advanced. I need to complete the drawers and the inside of the... Continue Reading →

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